Why choose Ensafe Grab Rails? Quite simply, they look fantastic, are far more pleasant to touch and a seamless nurse assist button can be installed as an option.


Black Crow Designs is a full-service design, engineering and manufacturing company established specifically to improve the life of an ageing population through the delivery of innovative, functional and cost-effective products that are also beautifully crafted.

Black Crow Designs consists of a team of passionate and dedicated innovators and designers who aspire to create products that assist in building a better and more independent future for the elderly in our community. Our team of experienced designers work with knowledgeable clinicians, ensuring all products are fit for purpose.

Black Crow Designs create products that aim to have a positive impact on the elderly, their carers and the environment in which they live.


Our innovation journey always starts with the end in mind and this guides our focus throughout as we commit to creating improved products. We rely on research and our innovation approach is to find solutions to problems.


Meeting quality standards is a priority. We draw on the best ideas and quality principles to ensure that all our products will stand the test of time and will be compliant with the relevant Australian Standards.


Our team consists of designers and engineers with extensive experience in manufacturing processes and technology, dementia clinicians and reputable consultants from the aged care and retirement living industries.